In the Moment Planning

By using the ‘In the moment planning’, a model developed by Anna Ephgrave, as a starting point, we engage with the children at activities they have chosen and teach the children ‘In the moment’. Therefore, through play, children have access to all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, all of the time, without limits or adult agenda. This mean that we can meet the needs of individuals more effectively. We respect children as individuals and understand that they all develop differently.

We believe this is best because …
“Babies and young children are experiencing and learning in the here and now, not storing up their questions until tomorrow or next week. It is in that moment of curiosity, puzzlement, effort or interest – the ‘teachable moment’ – that the skilful adult makes a difference.

At Preschool we believe that children learn best when they are interested, inquisitive and engaged, which at this age and stage of development, is best achieved through play. Play gives children the opportunity to explore their own interests, enquire, plan and take risks. Additionally, play also allows children to use their creativity, develop their imagination, build on their dexterity and physical skills, not to mention supporting the development of cognitive and emotional strength. Play is important to healthy brain development. It is through play that children engage and interact in the world around them This works hand in hand with our Forest School, free flow and outdoor play ethos.