The Preschool ethos and mission statement is based upon:

‘The children sowing the seeds for learning and we as a Preschool with the support of the families and community are the sun, the soil and the water to help those seeds to grow’.

At Corby Glen Preschool we pride ourselves in giving the children the best start in life, supporting the, along with their families within the local community.

We do this by providing a fun and safe earning environment with staff that motivate, challenge and support each child’s individual interests to facilitate learning.

Our children leave Preschool having had a positive start on the path to being confident, independent learners.

As a team we thought about what words encapsulate our thoughts and we use these to be to food for our mission statement. Our thoughts and words are learning, respect, self-confidence, independent, harmonious, partnership, sociable, family, stimulating, motivated, home, nature, safe, unique, listen, heard, valuing, experience, communication, resilience, problem-solving, encourage, adapt happy, secure, explore, individual, freedom, strong, creative, enthusiastic, nurture.