Welcome to Corby Glen Preschool

We are a family-orientated, charity-run group located at the Ron Dawson Memorial Hall on Swinstead Road in Corby Glen. We have been operating since 1969 and have an open door policy which enables us to have daily contact with parents and carers as they bring their children into setting.

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Corby Glen Preschool - Childcare
Corby Glen Preschool - Childcare2022-08-08 09:46:07
We hope you are all enjoying your holidays. These leaflets were left out during the last week of term so we thought we would share incase you missed them.

Also added is a well-being map of Bourne with lots of things for you to have a look at too.
Enjoy the rest of the break.
Corby Glen Preschool - Childcare
Corby Glen Preschool - Childcare2022-08-05 11:30:34

Take a look at this ladies page lots of great gifts and named water bottles great for the new term and very reasonably priced.
Don't forget to give her page a like for future items and offers.